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On-Site Training & E-Seminar

We engage a total approach to training, making fullest use of hearing, sights and sensation that result in an effective and fun learning experience. Each learning point is conveyed via a specially prepared ‘Movie-PPT’ clip of 2 ~ 6 minutes, followed by active engagement of the trainer with learners. The clip concisely supplies the learning, and the ensuing discussions flesh out the lesson in a manner relevant to the learners. Try us – it’s an unprecedented learning experience worth going for!

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We provide the following on-site training courses for organisations:

1. Enterprise Risk Management (2 days)
This equips the target audience a good level of understanding of Risk Management practices, ERM concept, scoping ERM implementation project, aligning to job accountabilities, risks identifications and mitigation strategies and programme maintenance.

2. Business Continuity Management (2 days)
This equips the target audience a good level of understanding of Business Continuity practices, BCM Standards, scoping BCM implementation project, carrying out risk assessments, business impact analysis, business continuity planning, BCP testing and rehearsals and programme maintenance.

3. Crisis Management System 4A (1 day)
This provides the target audience an appreciation of how crisis occurs and behaves and the tactics to deal with one in real life situation. They will also learn about the 4A system to get into crisis response formation, the roles of the members of Crisis Management Team, crisis work protocol.

4. Supply Chain Risk Management (1/2 to 1 day)
This equips the target audience an understanding of analysing the supply chain for risks, including suppliers, service contractors, key customers, logistics and the manner in which resilience can be built into the supply chain.

5. Crisis Communications & Media Handling (1 day)
Specially trained and certified by Media Training Worldwide (NY), our Principal Consultant (Jacob Ngiam) will train you on identifying audiences, develop key message points, prepare Crisis Communications and delivering in print (press releases) or in person (press conference or TV/Radio). Trainees will carry out role play which will be video recorded for greater learning effect.

6. Crisis Awareness Training (1 day)
This will provide real life stories of major crisis events, and also an exciting simulation game modelled on a real case. Participants will learn how they and their colleagues behave when working under intense pressure. This usually results in participants putting more seriousness when implementing or managing resilience programmes (e.g. ERM or BCM).

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