Corporate Governance



Public-listed companies, including those desiring to launch their IPOs, are required to comply with the Code of Corporate Governance (2012), and also SGX Listing Rules, in particular Rule No. 1207 (10) and No. 1207 (4)(b)(iv).

Why compliance? Because shareholders have rights.

Shareholders want to be informed on the state of Corporate Governance in the companies they invest in. Stock exchanges, as regulators, make it incumbent on the Board and senior management to disclose the effectiveness of the system of risk management and internal control. Additionally, they are to disclose price sensitive risks promptly so that shareholders may consider whether to maintain their investments.

Shareholders invest in companies expecting to receive returns, principally dividends or some other benefits. They rely on the Board and senior management to exercise proper corporate governance to ensure that business plans will come to fruition, so that they may receive their returns. Board directors have fiduciary duties to provide governance to manage the company’s affairs.

Why compliance? Because there are benefits in complying.

The Code is useful as a firm bedrock on which to build business performance, resilience and excellence. It provides a much needed discipline to ensure corporate hygiene in the organisation’s operations. This discipline comes by way of instituting effective business practices involving, amongst others: risk management, internal controls, accountability, and transparency. Ultimately, these will result in superior corporate performance that will reward shareholders, board, senior management and employees.

That is why serious boards and senior management embrace corporate governance. They view good Corporate Governance as the means to robustness and success.


What can JaBA do for clients?

JaBA is specialised in Business Resilience. We combine our strengths in Risk Management, internal controls and best operational practices to build strong corporate governance based on the Code of Corporate Governance and SGX Listing Rules. We adopt a holistic approach as depicted in the picture below:


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We provide a complete service on your Corporate Governance Compliance needs:
1. Code of Corporate Governance (2012)
2. SGX Listing Rule No. 1207 (10) and No. 1207 (4)(b)(iv)
3. Implementation of an ERM Programme (ISO 31000-2009)
4. Internal Control systems, including Best Practices
5. Disclosures requirements

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