ISO 22301 Certification in Singapore

Certifications signify excellence in a particular field, and are usually a requirement in major organisations. Therefore, having the right certifications can get you places and also lead to bigger business opportunities for your company. Jacob Business Armour’s unique BCM methodology makes you stand out from the rest, enhancing your Business Resilience resulting in improved customer service. In addition to this, you also stand to benefit from enhanced reputation, and improved benefits for stakeholders. Our ISO 22301 certification and programme assessment consultancy in Singapore makes sure that you improve your resilience programme by vast measures. What’s more, upon completing successful certification by all certifying bodies, like the SAC or the UKAS, companies can use the relevant logos on their business cards and marketing collaterals. This helps them leverage their business and get ahead with ease.

Reassure your stakeholders about you reliability and secure a position in the competitive market today by opting for our professional consultancy today.

What Certification Means

BCM Certification is a mark of excellence in the corporate world. Certification is increasingly a requirement when working with top-notch organisations. As such, being BCM-certified is a ticket to greater business opportunities.

Click here for Conversion of BCM Standards from SS540 to ISO 22301
The ISO 22301 certification also brings the following benefits:

A Cut Above the Rest

Getting yourself certified gives you a competitive advantage over other Singapore companies, by sustaining and enhancing your customer service capabilities.

Enhanced Reputation

Being certified highlights to your stakeholders your credibility to deliver. This boosts the reputations of your company and brands.

Benefits for Stakeholders

The sustainability in operations provides confidence not only to your customers, but also to your business partners, shareholders and employees. This increases your equity in all aspects.

Certification and Programme Assessment

Certification also ensures continuous improvement and refinement of your resilience programme, thereby staying relevant for any future eventuality.