Crisis Management System 4A

The difference between Crisis Management and BCM is this: BCM is an organisation-wide system by which to build the capability to ensure Business Continuity of known crisis situations.

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Crisis Management System 4A is that capability internalised in people to respond to all critical emergency events, including those never anticipated occurring.

BCM is the working platform. Crisis Management is the driver using that platform to enable the organisation combat crisis situations. Crisis Management System is the ultimate level in business continuity.

Crisis Management System 4 A: Alert, Assemble, Assess and Action. These are the key phases in which the Crisis Management Team work together to develop a single coordinated response befitting the advent of the crisis situation at hand. Through our propriety software, the Crisis Management Team members are able to assemble action plans within a matter of 10 ~ 15 minutes to deal with the specific crisis at hand.

Jacob Business Armour assists organisations to implement Crisis Management System 4A to augment their BCM programmes. However when engaged on turn-key delivery BCM project basis, we include Crisis Management System 4A as a free add-on.

We also provide the following services:

  • A one-day Crisis Awareness Training by way of real case studies and exciting crisis simulation games.
  • Crisis Communications Training with video recording of exercises.