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Total Business Resilience

Welcome! At Jacob Business Armour, we specialise in providing clients with Business Resilience solutions – organisational fitness, health, operational efficacy and business longevity, in other words, success and prosperity!

Success and prosperity do not happen by chance, rather they are objectives that are set to be achieved. In all human endeavours, risks will inevitably come our way, sometimes to bring us good effects, but mostly bad. The capability to avoid the effects of bad risks but to exploit good ones leads to the organisation’s success; conversely, the inability to manage business risks drains corporate resources, causes missed KPIs and even business failure.

The diametrical ends of success or failure are ‘resilience’ and ‘unmanaged risks’.

Now, a RISK is defined as anything that could occur to bear an impact on intended objectives. So if we had failed to achieve a bottom-line result, which was set earlier as achievable, then something clearly had gone wrong that made us missed that target. This something is the risk that we have failed to identify and to manage, but it has now materialised and deprived us of an aspect of organisational success.

The EFFECT of a materialised risk can be tolerable but it can also be disastrous to key stakeholders, manifesting in loss of earnings, damaged reputation, reduced sales, human casualty, and even demise of the organisation. It takes only one spark of fire in a wrong place and time to destroy a whole organisation. Small risks that are triggered off will divert scarce corporate energy into dealing with fire-fighting situations and preventing us from generating added value for the organisation.

They are many risks around us. Employee multi-tasking means greater non-attendance to the effect of risks. The speed of response required in these modern times means higher chance for making mistakes. Even automation in the office and on production floor means lesser visibility of failing processes. Shareholders pressing for greater returns add pressure in adopting more short term but riskier measures. All these (and more), must mean that the organisation’s vulnerability to risks, whether internal, external and natural, has been ratchet up by several notches.

Organisations are established for their specific objectives. The managers that are appointed to run them should, firstly keep the organisation intact (i.e. not subject to threat of demise); then, operate the business functions efficiently serving the intended customers; and finally, produce and deliver the expected returns to its shareholders. Therefore, in order of priorities, business managers’ responsibilities are, first maintain the survival of the company, improve operational efficiency and then seek the expected performance results.

Formula for Success: Survival, Efficiency and Results

The reality today is that most senior managements follow the formula, but in a reverse order. They would focus on getting results; then attempt implementing wherever efficiency programmes that do not negatively affect the results; and after all these, only then, invest in the long-term health of the organisation. Few actually got to securing business survival. Some may achieve moderate enhancement on operational efficiency. Under this situation, it is no wonder why many organisations have not been able to reach their full potentials.

Organisations, like one running a race, need first to be fit, strong and resilient to be able to win any trophy. Running while unfit is expending effort more than the results it obtains, leaving ill-effects (exhaustion and lethargy) that build on themselves to continually weaken fitness and resilience. A champion will always take the effort to make him/herself fit, strong and resilient, before starting on any race. It is the same for organisations.

It is time to review your business resilience if these signs become apparent: frequent fire-fighting, not being industry leader despite having similar/better capability, losing sales, high customers complaints, not meeting profitability, high finished goods or raw materials rejects, low utilisation rate of production capacities, low staff morale or high staff turnover, or when you feel that operating costs are getting out of hand and need to lower costs.

Solutions for Business Resilience

At Jacob Business Armour, we help organisations to design and build that formula, which is the foundation of resilience, with all the pre-requisites to out-perform the competition. We have a comprehensive suite of business resilience solutions that are customisable and practicable for every organisation, regardless of industry type and size, which includes:

– Corporate Governance (Code of Corporate Governance, SGX Listing Rules, Internal Controls)
– Enterprise Risk Management (ISO 31000-2009)
– Business Continuity Management (ISO 22301-2012),
– Crisis Management System 4A, including Crisis/Media Communication, & Disaster Recovery.
– Occupational Safety and Health (OHSAS-18000)
– Other sub-solutions (e.g. BCP, DRP, Supply-Chain Risk Management)

Please browse our website for information on these business resilience solutions.

Reliable and Professional Consultants from Singapore

Our consultants are all senior management personnel, real practitioners, each with over 30 years of experience in business resilience. Fully committed, sparing no effort, time or costs, they ensure that the services and products delivered meet the needs of our clients. We have completed many projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea as well as other regional countries, including helping many of our clients to achieving ISO 22301 Certification. Each assignment (project implementation, consultancy or training) is handled by a Principal Consultant who ensures the quality of design/work, and a Project Consultant who carries out the assignment

Please contact us at +65 9276 5210 or email us: if you have need for any other information or wish us to visit you in person to discuss your needs.

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