Jacob Business Armour

There is a reason JaBA exists!


Our world has changed, and it won’t stop changing for anyone. It is changing in all aspects – in Nature, technology, commerce and way of life. The citizens of Earth everywhere are forced sublimely to conform to these life’s changing conditions. And these changes wrought good and ills for us.

With modern technology, automation and creative inventions, man’s lifestyle has changed from one generation to another. This modern age of travel, social media and Internet has shrunk the world which once would take months to traverse but now it takes mere seconds to read, see and hear from half a world away. While all these have brought greater comfort and choices to us, they inevitability also bring increased stress, global competition, etc.

Survival is no longer a sure thing for organisations. The competition has been heightened for market share, for skilled workers, to cut production and manpower costs so as to out-perform others. These are today’s pre-occupations of company managers; companies are forced to innovate, change to produce products and services cheaper, faster and better; and they do this by cutting corners, workers down-sizing, outsourcing and plant relocations. Corporate issues are now personal nightmares for some.

The increase in human consumption of goods/services has brought much ill to Mother Earth. The release of carbon into the air by the burning of fossil fuel, and the indiscriminate discharge of wastes are detriment to man, animals and plants on land and in the seas. What now appears to be unstoppable global climate change, the world will experience even greater and more frequent ecological imbalances, food and portable water shortages, natural disasters, all of which bear serious ramifications to future generations to come.

The impact on peoples and societies are matters for the world organisations and individual governments to deal with. But the woes of organisations – family-run operations, Small and Medium Enterprises, and the Conglomerates – they need to become aware of the changing environment and build for themselves organisational Resilience lest they should fall by the corporate way side. They must be fit, agile to respond to changes and to have foresight to see the paths ahead.

We, at Jacob Business Armour, have strategies and solutions to help organisations internalise a resilience programme. For this reason, Jacob Business Armour (JaBA) was founded in December 2007.