Enterprise Risk Management

You can count on Jacob Business Armour’s proven methodologies, field experiences, and software programmes to help safeguard your company today. It is essential for Enterprise Risk Management to function on a daily basis, so that it can work to protect you at all times. Regardless of whether you are a shareholder, employee, supplier, customer or part of society, you will inevitably face risks of varying capacities at some point or the other. Therefore, it is best to be prepared for all kinds of uncertainties with an ERM Programme, which you can obtain right here in Singapore.

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An Enterprise Risk Management is all about helping you manage business risks efficiently. As an organisation, one is constantly exposed to all sorts of risks, which include good ones and bad ones. Hence it is necessary to be prepared to deal with all sorts of risks, regardless of whether they’re minor, medium or major. The focus should always be on protecting and building values, and sustaining 4 main areas of benefits, which are – ERM Cost Mitigation, ERM Risk Mitigation, Productivity Gains and De-limiting Growth. You can help secure the future of your company today by opting for an ERM programme that is built to accommodate all your requirements. This will take into account all your functional responsibilities, and is designed to drive all the applications necessary for an organisation’s functioning.

Apart from being a compliant option, this programme is created to help business managers manage business risks effectively.

Managing a business is managing its risks!

All organisations face uncertainties that bear impacts to their corporate missions. Some uncertainties exact adverse impacts of varying degrees to even a total impairment of the organisation. Other uncertainties are good, bringing positive results.

Uncertainties are Risks.

A risk is the effect of uncertainty to business objectives. So organisations should:

  • Avoid the bad risks, or take actions to manage them
  • Take full benefits of all good risks

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Managing risks means dealing with all risks.

Adverse Risk – Severity Profiles and Distribution

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Enterprise Risk Management must produce tangible results.

Risk Managing should bring about 4 areas of benefits

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Enterprise Risk Management must operate on daily basis.

An ERM programme must be useful and bear measurable benefits. It has to be aligned with functional responsibilities and adequately address hazard risk, financial risk, operational risk and strategic risk, including compliance risk that the orgnisation faces. It should be kept vibrant and applicable in order to drive the operations of the organisation.

The ERM programme is not adopted only for compliance reasons. It should enable business managers in managing business risks – any lesser is unacceptable and a waste of corporate resources.

At Jacob Business Armour, we have proven methodologies, field experiences and software programmes to deliver a practical Enterprise Risk Management Programme for clients.View the video below to understand the JaERM approach to identifying risks.

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