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In this day and age, the volume of data has increased phenomenally and with increasing complexities in the work place, we need reliable software programmes as enablers to help us carry out business operations quickly and effectively.

Paper-based systems are much less efficient as compared with software applications. Take for example – should the organisation’s Business Continuity plans be burned in an fire outbreak, incident response would have to proceed without them. Software applications can be saved in Cloud or even in the media storage of one’s smart phone which allows access at any time necessary. Paper-based plans are made from several mostly uncoordinated soft-copy documents that require meticulous updating in all of them, instead of software application that requires only a single-entry updating.

At Jacob Business Armour, we develop our own software programmes for Business Continuity Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Operational Risk Management, Occupational Safety and Health, Supply Risk Management, Customer Service Plan, and many more. All developed on Microsoft Visual Basic, the software platform is familiar to all who are familiar with using Excel, Word, PowerPoint, including PDF, and other commonly used media. What’s more – we supply these software programmes with a perpetual user license!

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Disaster Recovery Plantamp-system


Jacob Business Armour has an alliance with TAMP Systems (US) in marketing the DRP, a web-based BCP software programme widely used by multi-locations organisations.

You can find out more about TAMPS here.