Business Consultancy

We do have Powerful Solutions for Business Resilience which are also practical and user-friendly.

For personal health fitness, we go to fitness instructors in the gym for help. But for corporate health fitness, companies should come to Business Resilience experts like us. Like physical health trainers who work with individuals, Jacob Business Armour specialises in making organisations fit and strong.

We believe that no organisation or business is fit and strong from the onset. Resilience must be designed, then built and nurtured so that there can be operational continuity which will lead to true sustainable success. Corporate success depends on sound foundation, which is made up of sound business philosophy, operational robustness and the involvement of all stakeholders. Our objective is to help build that foundation of resilience.


Our specialties:

Enterprise Risk Management
Business Continuity Management
Crisis Management System 4A
Occupational Safety & Health

We provide three types of business service to our clients:

  1. Sales of Software-As-A-Solution package, or essentially a DIY solution for organisations who prefer to carry out their resilience programmes in-house.
  2. Consultancy basis, which we provide training, materials and step-by-step guidance to ensure that the Client completes the implementation in the high degree of quality it requires.
  3. Turn-key project implementation, which is ideal for organisations who do not have the manpower resources nor the expertise to implement the resilience programme. Here, we do everything for you, and deliver the programme fully customised to your needs. Your staff will be fully trained to take ownership of the programme.

This is our framework for Total Business Resilience Management – a concept developed by Jacob Business Armour.



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