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Organisations are increasingly reliant on their supply-chain partners to provide support, in order to ensure business continuity. Our BCM Consultants in Singapore can help you respond to as well as manage different crisis events in a timely manner, before the situation becomes tougher to control. BCM comprises efficient response as well as management of crisis events in a swift manner. This prevents business operations and objectives from being negatively affected, and enables them to develop the resilience and agility to survive calamities of all sizes.

Work Closely with a JaBA BCM Consultant

Choosing Jacob Business Armour consultant for your BCP requirements helps you take care of important steps required to survive in different situations and handle crisis situations in a proper manner. In addition, it also equips you to handle external dependencies, communications, and Crisis Management skills. Akin to a defence system, which needs a proper structure and strategy to succeed, this is a holistic strategy which helps you in difficult times and prevents everything from getting worse. Protecting your business is important and selecting the right Business Continuity Management plan is important to control as well as avoid disasters.

There are critical steps a consultant will take when implementing BCM:

  • Risk Assessment and Review
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Risks Mitigation and Avoidance
  • Recovery Strategies and Resources
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Validating Business Continuity Plans
  • Testing/Rehearsals of Crisis Scenario
  • Programme Maintenance

There is more than just fulfilling the above steps required to survive crisis situations. These are: external dependencies, communications, and crisis management skills. It is like a defence system that requires structure and strategy to build. A Total Business Resilience Management system, or a holistic system, is required to ensure that your organisation stands strong against any potential crisis situations, like the one in the image below, which is a concept developed by JaBA.

Work with our Consultants in Singapore to Develop an Effective BCP Plan

Count on Jacob Business Armour to help you move ahead in your Singapore business. Our consultants will help you customise a Business Continuity Plan to safeguard your enterprise’s future. There are always risks in any undertakings. In order to avoid potential disasters, one must avoid or manage risks effectively, and to overcome crisis situations and recover from any damage inflicted on to business operations. This will require the four-walled protection of SOP defence, risk management defence, crisis mitigation and insurance coverage. Contact us to help you implementing a comprehensive BCP programme. Our software makes preparing incident management plans in Singapore much easier with its generic action points listed, fast and efficient within 20 minutes so as to enable you deal promptly and effectively with the ensuing incident.


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Incident Management Plan

At Jacob Business Armour, we have developed our proprietary JaBCM system by which to implement a holistic BCM programme. View the video below to see how JaBCM users can prepare their Incident Management Plan quickly in a matter of minutes.

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Sophisticated BCM Assessment Tool

Have you ever wondered if the BCM programme installed in your organisation is effective and will work properly to save the day should a crisis occur? Maybe it is effective but maybe it is not. It is worthwhile finding out.

Take benefit of this free BCM assessment tool – JaBCMAT. Just answer 34 questions (with multiple-choice answers), and in 20 minutes, you will know whether your company’s BCM programme meets with theinternational standards in Singapore. If it does, then congratulations, there is peace of mind knowing that your organisation is resilient. But if it does not, the analytics in JaBCMAT will highlight the areas which you may want to bolster to improve. JaBCMAT is developed by JaBA as a service to BCM Adopters. The questions are structured based on ISO 22301-2012 and on best practices. It is constructed on Microsoft Excel using VBA programming language.

The user downloads JaBCMAT onto user’s computer by clicking on the link below. When running the tool, the user will be prompted to activate the VBA macros, which please do so. If there are problems running JaBCMAT or if you need advice, please email

DOWNLOAD JaBCM Assessment Tool (Free)
Note: Please save it on computer to enable macros.

For more information, please view our JaBCM Product brochures. Click here to visit our library of brochures and articles.