Internal Controls

An association of JaClub members is intended to be formed for the propose of sharing best practices, personal experiences and of others (good and bad) so as to help members enhance the Corporate Resilience in their organisations.

For the time being, only corporate members are invited, although students and other interested persons may be allowed in the future.

Clients of Jacob Business Armour are automatically given free memberships as long as their software licenses remain valid. Non-client membership are subject to acceptance by JaBA and are charged at S$150 per annum.

Members Benefits

JaClub focuses on promoting industries practice of Risk and Crisis Management based on renown standards so as to internalise an intrinsic resilience to prevent, manage and survive situations of adverse impacts; and in doing so, enable business managers achieve the highest possible level of corporate performance.

Besides learning from one aBusiness Resiliencenother, members will be given access to JaBA’s resources (e.g. presentation materials, videos on past crises, etc.). The video library is continually being built and updated.

From time to time, JaBA will be organising workshops to enhance learning or as refresher course. Members may be invited to free enrolment.