Crisis Communication Training in Singapore

In today’s age, no organisation can claim to be immune to crisis situations. History has shown that many established global businesses have crashed or have suffered more damage than they might have otherwise due to an ineffective communication strategy. Their stakeholders were placed unfairly in a wrong footingand were denied the opportunity to take actions to mitigate the impact on themselves. It is therefore vital to prepare a communication policy/strategy for disaster. It cannot be stressed enough that without having an adequate communication preparedness is a crisis unto itself.

All communications issues have to be identified prior to the crisis. Planning for crisis communication is a crucial part of Disaster Management. We at Jacob Business Armour provide Crisis Communication Training to help you handle communications be they in the medium of live, written or media conferences. On top of this, our JaBCM software has a powerful inbuilt feature enabling one to methodologically plan and execute crisis communications. We train spoke-persons to face the TV camera or to write communication messages in the manner best suited to the incident. Having mainstream media influence is critical, and managing social media yet another challenge to stay above water during an incident involving the public. The longer a company takes to communicate, the greater the repercussions it gets. Crisis Communications is not an area anyone should neglect.

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